Car Paint

Leaving your vehicle at the garage can lead to various dangers on the paint like bugs, bird poop, grit, germs as well as harsh conditions of weather. All these, in the long run, take effect on the car’s paint and may make it dirty and rusty. Lack of luster will also be due to the grit and dirt which makes the surface harsh and rough. The scorching sun will cause significant damage due to the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Tips that will help you protect your car’s paint


This is the simplest and the best way of protecting the paint on your car. Regular cleaning after long rides rinses off the dirt. Note that the longer the dirt stays on the body, the more it penetrates into the paint hence causing damage. After washing, allow it to cool under a shade at a shallow incline. This helps to drop water on the ground and keep the paint in good condition. Avoid scrubbing the paint hard. Instead, use light strokes along your car’s length then use a blotting paper to wipe.

UV protection

Another excellent way to protect your vehicle’s paint is by using UV coating. It effectively helps in resisting chalking and the dulling effect on your car paint that results from the sunlight. There are many products on the market today which protect your vehicle paint. Apply these products as regular as recommended. You can also use protective car coverings to prevent harsh weather conditions from damaging the paint.


Waxing is a process in car detailing and involves paint protection as well. It enhances the beauty of the car and protects it from dirt and UV rays. Waxing is done by applying a coat on the car then wiping it off immediately. There is no short cut to waxing. Ensure that you apply a coat of wax regularly to keep your vehicle paint in good form.

Clear paint finish

A clear coat of paint acts as a sealer on your new car and adds a protective film on the paint layer. You should clearpaintasdfghjklkjhgfdensure that your new car has this coat. This, however, should not replace waxing as it tends to erode, collect grime and absorb moisture all which eventually make your vehicle paint fade.

Car paint is one of the most expensive accessories for a vehicle. Taking good care of your vehicle paint will, therefore, save you a lot of money. These valuable tips come in handy when you need to maintain the luster of your car paint.