Factors to consider when buying magnaflow exhaust tips


Magnaflow exhaust tips are one of those important exhaust accessories that you want to immediately grab the moment you make your new car purchase. This is because the factory exhaust tips are usually low in quality and are quickly affected by rust the moment they hit the road. Their design is not meant to give quality on road performance or produce a quality sound, and they rarely give individuals taste and style. Because of the above reasons, most people decide to replace them, but the process of settling on the best one becomes though than one thought. Below, we highlight some of the factors that one should consider in order to obtain tips that will give them the quality finish and touch that they desire.


2When selecting the size, you should take a keen interest in two aspects. The aspects are length and diameter. The diameter of the exhaust tip is the most important part since it has to fit perfectly into your tailpipe. You should note that these tips come in various sizes depending on your type of car. For instance, SUVs and trucks have large tips when you compare them with the small cars. This is also applicable to all vehicle so you should be keen to select that which fits your vehicle best.

In the case of length selection, you are advised not to choose something that is too long that can be a hazard to pedestrians. You should also not select something that is too short to the extent that it does not exhaust the gasses properly. You should always choose a length that is functional and while aiming at maintaining an attractive look.


When making a purchase of your exhaust tip, you also need to consider the material that best suits your taste. We have two common material in the market currently: we have chrome tips that are manufactured from mild steel hence providing a great short-term look at a relatively lower cost. On the other hand, if you are looking for a durable tip, you should then go for a stainless steel tip. Magnaflow shows sell these at a relatively lower price.


If you are in the market shopping for something that will reflect your individuality and personal preference. Then pay attention here. There are a number of designs in the market. They depend on the shape which can either be oval, square or round. They are those that have different angles which include a turndown angle or wall angle. We also have single wall Magnaflow exhaust tips and also the double wall. With such wide variety available, you cannot lack something that can give your vehicle the uniqueness that you desire.

Clamps or welding

3When you install an exhaust tip, it is either clamped or welded into place. Your choice is majorly influenced by the money you have, and the design that you want to achieve.

When you clamp, you have an advantage since you can customize the tip. It allows you to install it and remove it the way you may wish. One major disadvantage with this is that they easily become loose due to constant vibrations.

Welding, on the other hand, may be costly and it does not have the flexibility of installing and uninstalling, but you are sure to get the tightest seal.